Tank & Gas Line Installation

Are you a homeowner or Construction Company looking to install a new or remodeled home with propane service? Sequoia Gas Company is here to help you every step of the way! Give us a call today to discuss the size of tank best suited for your home, tank placement, gas line installation or if you prefer our Service Techs can come to you.

Why Build With Propane?

  • Reliable Comfort

    When it comes to your family's comfort, propane outperforms other energy sources hands down.

  • Better Savings

    High-efficiency propane appliances can save you hundreds in annual energy costs.

  • Sustainable Living

    Propane is not only a clean-air fuel, it keeps working when the electricity goes out.

Residential Propane Videos

Propane For Water Heating

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
Homeowners choose propane water heaters for better comfort and lower energy bills. Propane water heaters are available in both storage tank and tankless models, both of which perform more efficiently than electric models. Tankless water heaters can supply hot water on demand, and because they mount to a wall, they save floorspace. Propane storage tank water heaters have faster recovery times than electric storage tank models, helping ensure you’re never without hot water. Talk to your local propane supplier with the Wisconsin Propane Gas Association to learn about available water heaters, installation options, and more.

Homeowner Tool Kit

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
How can you get the comfort and reliability you need, and lower energy bills too? You need a fuel that can do both, and propane can do that! That combination is the reason that so many homeowners across the country trust propane to safely power everything that turns it from just a house into a home. Propane means toasty heat on a chilly winter night. It's endless hot water for dishes, laundry and bath time. Propane is there for the perfect holiday meal, and at the flick of the switch it will add warmth to impromptu gatherings too. Not only will propane appliances deliver the performance you need with incredible efficiency, they will lower your carbon footprint. With clean propane powering your home, you're doing your part for the environment. So if you're building or remodeling and expect premium performance and lower energy bills, just remember - propane can do that.

Residential Construction

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
Want a safe, reliable and efficient fuel that can power two American dreams? Propane can do that! For construction professionals it's about building homes you can be proud of, building a business and building a legacy. For many Americans their dream is to own a home raise a family and live on their own terms. Propane can make both of these dreams possible. Including propane appliances in the homes you build gives homeowners superior comfort, greater safety and performance that can't be matched by other fuel sources . Propane will give you a competitive advantage over other builders too, because homeowners prefer the performance of gas appliances. And if you're looking to attract environmentally conscious buyers, propane can do that too. Powering big dreams for the homes you build and the business you're building – propane can do that!

Propane For Outdoor Living

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
Expand your entertainment space outside of your home and into your backyard with propane. Propane fuels so much more than just grills. Power a whole outdoor kitchen, fireplaces, fire pits, patio heaters and lighting, all with real flames. Heat your pool and spa with greater efficiency and stay warm outside the water with patio heaters. Your dream backyard is only a tank away.