Sequoia Gas can provide propane for your commercial applications including but not limited to:
  • Greenhouse Heaters
  • Dairy Hot Water Heating
  • Standby Generators
  • Propane Forklift Fueling Stations
  • Apartment/Housing Meter System

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Commercial Propane Videos

Propane Is Keeping California Green

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
Irrigation is a necessity if you’re farming in California. “We can’t wait for Mother Nature to come along and do what she wants to do,” said Michael Harris, who farms carrots, potatoes, and more near Alvin, CA. “We’ve got to do it ourselves.” Yet California farmers face the additional challenge of stringent emissions standards for their equipment, including irrigation engines. That’s why these producers rely on propane. It beats electric, diesel, and natural gas on emissions, and it works just as well watering almond trees as it does corn, carrots, and other crops. Plus, propane does all this economically, with lower maintenance requirements, too. Propane is keeping California green in every way.

Propane Can Do That: Forklift

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
Warehouse owners across the country already know, when it comes to keeping productivity up and costs down, propane can do that! These professionals know a hard worker when they see one and they trust propane for a good reason. As soon as you hop on an electric model and get to work, you're already losing power. The truth is batteries can't deliver adequate energy for the entire job. Not so with propane forklifts which give you sustained 100% power with every cylinder. And speaking of cylinders, refueling with propane takes only a quick cylinder change, no wasted time changing batteries. Propane also gives your productivity a lift with clean performance indoors and out. Electric's dirty little secret is the pollution created by manufacturing batteries. But propane forklifts, they're just cleaner, period. So whether you're running a busy warehouse or managing a busy farm, propane keeps you running clean. Lasting power, better productivity, and lower emissions. Propane can do that, that, and that!

Propane Can Do That: Golf Courses

Courtesy of the Propane Education & Research Council
This your domain, pristine, healthy, precise. When your turf is a reflection of what you care about, you need to protect it with the best equipment out there. Propane can do that. Now with golf course equipment powered by propane you can maintain the pristine condition of your fairways and greens without losing productivity. Your crews and regulars will appreciate that this equipment keeps the fresh air fresh by operating cleaner and cutting exhaust. And while it's better for the health of your course, propane equipment supports a healthy bottom line too. You can save up to fifty percent on fuel alone compared to conventional fuels, on top of saving major time on refueling. When the cylinder gets low, the operator just grabs a fresh cylinder, attaches it to the equipment and gets back to work. As simple as that. Finally course equipment that's on par wit your standards? Propane can do that.

Propane or Electricity?

When it comes to efficiency, should you choose propane or electric?

It’s simple: Propane

A given quantity of propane produces more BTUs than the same amount of electricity. As a result, less propane is required to match the heat energy in your home or place of business. Clean-burning propane appliances waste very little fuel in the combustion process, unlike electric-powered appliances, which are less efficient. This also makes propane less of a threat to the environment.

Propane vs. Electricity Price Comparison 

Why Use Propane Appliances?

Water Heaters

An electric water heater can cost up to 30% more to operate than a propane water heater, and up to 40% more if you’re using a tankless propane water heater. Propane tankless water heaters generate far fewer carbon emissions than electric water heaters with a storage tank—about 50%! In a given period of time, propane water heaters can generate double the hot water of electric units!


Keeping your home warm at about half the cost of electricity, a high-efficiency propane furnace offers all the warmth you need, even during the coldest days and nights. Propane furnaces last up to 50% longer than electric.


Increased safety and quiet operation give propane generators a clear advantage over gasoline generators. A whole-house propane generator can make a true difference for you and your family during a power outage.

Propane for your generator can be stored indefinitely—even in cold weather—and is easy to receive by delivery.


Enjoy up to double the warmth and comfort of your fireplace without smoke, soot or ash. This efficient, clean-burning heat source continues to operate during power outages.

Space Heaters

Thermostat-controlled direct-vent and vent-free space heaters are portable and easy to set up. They burn cleaner and emit fewer pollutants than electric heaters.

Ovens, Stoves and Ranges

With superior heat distribution and better temperature control than electric stoves, gas ovens, stoves and ranges are preferred by the vast majority of professional chefs. They’re also far cheaper to operate and stick with you during power outages.


With a propane-fueled dryer, you’ll get the clothes out faster and be able to move on with your day. Eliminate the need for an inefficient pilot light, and benefit from moisture-sensing, accurate drying with far less static.