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Sequoia Gas Co. | Mainly Beyond The Mains
Sequouia Gas Co. | Mainly Beyond The Mains

Sequoia Gas employees go through extensive classroom and hands-on training before delivering propane to you. Our technician's will perform a pre-fill tank inspection, a safety and operational check of your outside propane system, as well as a Sequoia Gas leak-detection system check to ensure that your propane system is functioning properly.

To ensure your safety our job doesn't end there, at your request, we can provide safety training for you, either in your home or at your business. To safely handle propane our propane professional will teach you, your family, and employees the same materials that has been passed on to assist hundreds of fire departments across the United States.


Safety begins with education

An understanding of propane is useful knowledge, we have provided the following links below, intended to help you better understand propane. For safety precautions we encourage that you take a moment of your time to get familiar with the following topics:

If You Smell Gas
Flood Preparedness
Wildfire Preparedness
Winter Storms
Small Cylinders
Carbon Monoxide
Appliance Maintenance
Lighting Pilot Lights
Running Out of Gas
Safe Grilling
Power Outages
Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)

Click here for more information to help you better understand your propane system.

If you have a Propane Emergency after business hours please Call PERS @ (707) 725-4465

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us


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